Butte County Middle School
Athletic Rules for the 2008-2009 Season 

These rules are for all athletic events you may participate in the 2008-2009 school year.   The following rules go above and beyond the student handbook. 

  1. You must have a letter grade of C or higher in all of you classes.  We will check grades every week, if you have an F at that time you may not participate in athletic events for the following week.  You must still practice, and do all that is asked of you by your coaches, but you are ineligible for athletic events.  The first time we will check grades is September 5.
  2. You must attend at least half a day of school to be eligible for the game or event on that day. For example, if we are traveling to North Fremont and the bus is leaving at noon, the athlete must be there for the entire morning classes. 
  3. It you are to miss practice you must first notify the head coach, he/she will then determine if missing the practice is excused or unexcused.  If missing practice is unexcused then the head coach will determine if you are eligible for the next game or event. 
  4. We will be checking with the teachers on a regular basis on behavior in class and outside class.  If your behavior is unacceptable, a warning will be given to the athlete.  If unacceptable behavior continues the athlete will become ineligible for the next game or event. 

Athletics is a privilege, and these rules are in place so that you have a successful school and athletic year.